Insurance companies know exactly what you’re covered for.
Do you?

Too few of us read or understand the fine print on our insurance policies. All to often, when we come to make a claim, we find out we have the wrong kind of cover, insufficient cover, or that we’re not even covered at all. When you pay premiums for insurance, you want the peace of mind that you will be covered if the unthinkable happens. That’s how we help.

OverFifty Insurance is a personal insurance service committed to getting you the right cover for your home, contents, car and more. Specialising in insurance products for people 50 years and older, we read and understand the fine print on every policy to ensure you have the right cover for your circumstances. If you need to make a claim, you’ll know you’re covered. And if you need help or advice, we’re only ever a phone call away.

Contact us for a free, no obligation insurance assessment.

Added value through an advice based service which is tailored for the over 50 market.

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What we offer

Car Insurance

Financial protection against damage and/or bodily injury from traffic collisions.

House Insurance

Ensure your house insurance covers your needs; from the correct sum ensured to unforeseen damage and natural disaster.

Content Insurance

From laptops, jewellery to home equipment, protect the things that matter to you.

Pet Insurance

Petcover’s insurance plans are designed to cover the unexpected so you can afford the care your pet deserves.

We give pet parents peace of mind by taking the financial worry out of having a pet.

Let us do the hard work of finding the right insurance for you.

We understand that choosing the right insurance policies for your unique circumstances can be a challenge. With access to robust and reliable products from major insurance providers, we’ll do this hard work for you.

You can relax, knowing you have the right cover for your home, contents, car or anything else you need insured. We’ll also ensure you’re paying the right premiums for your insurance and not a cent more.

We have a comprehensive selection of insurance products for your home and contents, cars, boats and much more. Contact us if you’d like more information about any insurance product.

With OverFifty Insurance you get:

One on one personal service from an experienced insurance professional

No unpleasant surprises if you need to make a claim

The right insurance cover for your lifestyle

The assurance you're not paying too much for insurance

Ongoing help, advice and support